about me

Was born in Argentina. Live and work in Barcelona.
I studied Fine Arts in Buenos Aires; I was disciple of Ary Brizzi, who introduced me to geometric world.

I started working around the concept of geometrical abstraction and its various tendencies deriving from constructive and concrete tradition.

I´m basically interested in virtual movement which is created in our mind and then recreated in painting, which makes painting in itself an illusion.
I want to experience what the eye can see: the rhythm, the tension from various modifications I make to the initial composition.

I´m fascinated by the world of colour, by the vibrations it provokes, by its behavior as a fundamental element which can modify space and generate energy and finally by the many interpretations that it can evoke.

Since new technology has allowed for new forms of creation, giving impulse to the development of the Op Art language, - painting style that subordinated other aesthetic considerations to optical effects achieved with all-over geometric forms, using a technique based on research in color theory and perception- this is my way of interpreting and feeling the world today. 

I want to be blue, in progress

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